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Jerry Varghese Vacancy – Service Crew

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Jerry Varghese Vacancy – Service Crew

Jerry Varghese Vacancy – Service Crew for KSA

Jerry Varghese’s recruitment operations are spread across various crucial markets. Our infrastructure is the foundation upon which we are able to sustain our high levels of performance. Our presence across India and other countries serve as a testament to the effort that we have invested in building a strong and robust infrastructure.

In India, our Branch Offices cover the stretch from Delhi to Trivandrum. Our corporate and project offices are both located in the financial hub of the country, Mumbai. A pan-India presence allows us to connect to a larger pool of talent and obtain the best mix of candidates for our clients.

Our Associate Offices are situated in various Middle Eastern countries like UAE & Kuwait in order for us to meet the recruitment demands of our clients more efficiently.

Our Partners Offices are located across global strategic hotspots. These partners offices represent the entire region surrounding their location. They assist us in reaching out and servicing candidates based in their respective region and enable us to recruit candidates from around the world and place them with our GCC clients.

opened position:

Service Crew

Location: KSA (Mecaa & Madinah)

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for providing beverages, food, and other services to different clients within airports / malls / govt. institutions.
  2. Attending customer´s complaints. 
  3. Ensuring dining and kitchen room areas are clean.
  4. Being energetic.
  5. Being responsible and trustworthy.
  6. Having excellent customer service skills.
  7. Being able to work with a team


please send your CV to rbd.gmp@gunamandiri.com or auziauliaar@gmail.com.

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