Tuesday, September 18, 2018


This present the possibility access for the company to gather information connect and reach overall company’s activities are as followings:


Strategies to acquire the prospective candidates are through the website, newspaper, social network, forums / discussion in each region which creates wider opportunity to accomplish the main goal of acquiring qualified manpower. After the accountable staff has closely coordinated with you, and recruitment parameters have been clearly established, we shall be assigning a contract of agreement.


Screening / Evaluation

Using your specification as our guide, our operation department will evaluate the candidates through resume analysis and personal interview. After that we will submit to you the two to three best available candidates, who don’t only meet your job specifications, but also amenable to the compensation packages you are prepared to offer.



We will get a shortlist from your final decision to confirm candidate’s availabilities toward interview session.


Interview Process

PT Gunamandiri Paripurna is participated in the interview process, from planning to providing ideas / suggestions in determining the best place to conduct the recruitment interview. After we have submitted our shortlist of candidates, we will closely coordinate interview schedule/s with our candidates. Session will be held in various ways depend on your request such as in our office, five stars hotel, and business center. Methods we apply  for the interview; personally, generally, direct, teleconference interview, telephone interview, and site interview.


Formalities and Mobilization

Through our Formalities and Mobilization Department, we shall undertake in your behalf all of the pertinent activities for the speedy dispatch of the selected candidates, including the coordination with National Board for The Placement and Protection of Indonesian Overseas Workers for immigration use.

Likewise we shall coordinate with the respective embassies for the release of visa or work entry permits and Certificates Attestation for the selected candidates. We will take care of flight reservations and confirmation, ticketing and assisting of the candidates during their departure.

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