Reports directly to the General Manager,functionally reports to the Board of Directors Audit Committee with significant exposure to Senior Management throughout the organization.



Under general supervision, the Internal Auditorwill be responsible for preparing and implementing a risk-based audit plan to assess, report on, and make suggestions for improving the company’s key operational and finance activities and internal controls. Additionally, the position is responsible for identifying and assisting in documenting existing internal finance and disclosure controls, implementing and documenting new internal controls, and establishing an internal monitoring function to audit the company’s compliance with such internal controls.

Key responsibilities and priorities for the Internal Auditor will include but not be limited to the following:

  1. Coordinate all Shareholder Audit activities in order to support their audit and review procedures, as well as coordinate the completion of all follow up action items
  2. Participate as a voting member of the Company’s Tender Committee
  3. Prepare and update a comprehensive risk-based audit plan for evaluating the effectiveness of controls in place to manage significant risk exposures, ensure the integrity and reliability of information and financial reporting, safeguard company’s assets, and comply with laws and regulations
  4. Assess risk factors to identify high risk areas within the organization, ensuring that detailed audit work is effectively focused on areas assessed as high risk
  5. Undertake comprehensive planning and risk assessments relating to each assignment to ensure that the engagement identifies potential business risks
  6. Perform advanced, specialized and/or managerial auditing work in multipledisciplines. 
  7. Responsible for managing ..........Read More..